Let It Be Cleaned... -      Organized...Packed...Staged

If you dream of walking into a home that is free of clutter and chaos

Let It Be Cleaned...is ready to help. 

What we Do 

Our organizational services cover a wide range of tasks too free up your time so you can concentrate on the important things in life - family, friends, career, hobbies, maybe even yourself once an a while.

We start with a short interview to find out a little about your household. Every family has it's own unique culture. Maybe your family is always on the run and needs quick access, or maybe you love to entertain and need wide open spaces. We take that information and our expertise and create an organizational plan that suits you. 

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping your home running with minimal effort is, TOO MUCH STUFF. We will help you find a balance, so your STUFF no longer over whelms you.

What do you do? Glad you asked.

  • Of course you need to contact us and set a date and get organized.
  • Clear your schedule, let family and friends know you cannot chat on the phone or have visitors.  
  • Cook ahead or plan to eat out.
  • Don't plan any other big household projects.
  • Most of all be ready too have some fun and streamline your home.









Phone: 503.314.8551 
Email: letitbecleaned@gmail.com 

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